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Sea Feather - Wind Vane Self Steering

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British, Precision engineered, Custom built, Wind Vane self - steering.

Each unit is built to suit each individual application and to fit any yacht, either with a plain Transom, Transom Hung Rudder or Canoe stern.

All the self-steering units that we build are fully fledged servo pendulum systems, the most powerful and efficient wind vane self steering gears you can buy and they all come with the new totally removable Servo Blade feature.

All self-steering gears are built to the same high standards, using Stainless Steel 316 & 304, Anodised Aluminium, and all the bearings are machined from Delrin.

Each unit when supplied, comes complete with all the blocks, tiller attachment etc and will be fully guaranteed for three years from date of order completion.

We also provide a local fitting & setting up service if required, contact us for further details.

If you are not sure how they work, why not come out for a sail and actually try out the gear for real, our boat has a demonstration unit fitted and is available all year round from Dartmouth in Devon.

Hans & Paul @ Sea Feather.


"Sea Feather performed extremely well with no breakages on our trip to Australia. We guessed it was responsible for steering around 95% of the time / distance. The longest leg being 3,100nm from Galapagos to Marquesas (22 days of non-stop steering!). We wouldn't have wanted to do that trip without the Sea Feather."

Greg and Leisha sv Fine Gold

"I successfully completed the "2010 Jester Challenge" and arrived in Newport Rhode Island USA from Plymouth on 9th July. The crossing from Plymouth took 47 days and 23 hours. The Sea Feather Wind Vane performed admirably and bought me all the way across without fault."

D Gorman